ECCS District 112.png

ROAR 112: Founding Chapter Est. 2019

*Exposed racism happening in our school district (personal and systemic)
*Championed for changes in curriculum, student experience, discipline and achievement gaps to name a few

*Formation of an Equity Advisory Council in ECCS
*Advocates for improving student voice and experience
*Helped elect a ROAR supported school board member​
*Crucial Conversations: Group formed by the Carver county sheriff aimed at eliminating biased and racist policing in Carver County 
*encouraged leadership changes and diversifying staff (Superintendents, principals, Diversity and Equity, teachers)

*Helped numerous community members affected by racism through crowdfunding and support
*raised and donated $3,000 worth of racially and ethnically diverse books to eccs 
*helping other districts forge change with new roar chapters