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 112 Equity Updates

Each board meeting includes equity updates.

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District Equity Updates Can be Found HERE

Many ROAR members were selected for the District's Equity Advisory Team. Stay tuned for updates as we work with the schools to better the experiences and outcomes for all our students. Find updates HERE

On April 21st, 2019 ROAR released a petition called ISD112: It's Time to Act. The petition asked for specific changes in regard to equity and racism in our schools. It was a significant turning point in anti-racism work within our schools. The petition can be viewed and signed HERE


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Petition For Equity

district petition response

ROAR was initially encouraged by the district's response to our petition which was released May 29th, 2019. Some highlighted responses are listed below. With the start of the 2019 school year, however, we have seen little changes and effort by the district.  (Updated 12/4/2019)

1) Trauma care in ALL schools not just CHS (Update: the pilot program is being done at Integrated Arts school but no other school)

2) New Equity Advisory Committee (Update: There has been very little time allotted for feedback from EAC members. Members of ROAR on the EAC asked for more opportunities to advise and give feedback per what the district says is our role. This is how we as a district and community grow is two-way conversations. In the last EAC meeting we were granted more time to speak and it led to great conversations where all parties present learned a new perspective.)

3) Equity updates at all school board meetings and posted online (Update: To cater to the opposition of equity work the district took Equity Inclusion Updates off the board agenda but was still giving an update hidden among other topics. ROAR has asked that equity updates clearly remain visible on the board's agenda)

4) District-wide transparent communication regarding racial incidences (Update: While we have heard rumored incidences of racism still occurring the district has not sent out any communications.)

6) Mandated professional equity training (Update: The district's strategy is to begin equity and bias training with administrators. While this is necessary there are plenty of opportunities being missed to train teachers and staff.) 

7) Commitment to recruiting staff of color (Update: The district says they are analyzing recruitment practices to attract more teachers of color. Our schools do not have any Black teachers.) 

In regard to the zero-tolerance response, ROAR is in full agreement that zero tolerance is not the right solution as those types of policies disproportionately affect minority students, something we are clearly trying to improve not make worse. Clear policy and procedures are needed, we are with the district on this one!

You can find the entire district response HERE