Racial Justice Action Steps in the Community:

1) Start a ROAR Chapter in your community. Contact us for details. 

2) Contact local state representatives and urge them to support police reform legislation. If you need help locating your local reps please email us!

3) Like ROAR on Facebook  where we post daily news, updates, and action steps. 


4) Widen your circle. Do you have friends of different races and from different cultures? Bring more diversity into your personal life! 

5) Speak out when local politicians say or support something that is racist or contributes to a racist system

6) VOTE for people committed to racial justice and closing racial disparity gaps

Racial Justice Action Steps in OUR SCHOOLS:

1) If you have kids in the district and you’ve never been to a PTO, now is the time! Be an advocate for Black and Brown students.


2) Ask about the school’s equity leadership team or if they will offer an equity group for parents 

3) Ask about the school’s equity goals and how you can help 

4) Ask how your school is integrating cultural awareness and diversity into its curriculum. 

--Ask your children’s teachers how they incorporate race and diversity into their lessons. Let them know you support multiple perspectives in curriculum.

--Volunteer to read books in the classroom or media center and choose diverse books and/or donate diverse books to the school.

5) Donate a book on race/equity/diversity to your neighborhood Little Free Library.


6) Attend school board meetings and speak up at them if you are able.


7) If you are active on social media, engage in fact-based, respectful dialogue to inform and educate community members. 


8) Be one of our guest bloggers! We can help with topics or you can choose your own


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