1) Join the ROAR112 Facebook page to learn more about why this work is important, how it’s being done in other communities and ways you can engage more.


2) Get involved at the school/s in your community. 

--If you have kids in the district and you’ve never been to a PTO, now is the time! 

-Ask about your school’s equity leadership team (or join it); 

-Ask about the school’s equity goals and offer help if you can; 

-Ask how your school is integrating cultural awareness and diversity into its curriculum. Let teachers and staff know this matters!

--Ask your children’s teachers how they incorporate race and diversity into their lessons. Let them know you support multiple perspectives in curriculum.

--Volunteer to read books in the classroom or media center and choose diverse books. And/or donate diverse books to the school.


3) Show up at community events that support diversity. Volunteer at events ROAR is involved in or represented at.


4) Read a book or listen to a podcast about race/equity/diversity and write a review for this website.


5) Donate a book on race/equity/diversity to your neighborhood Little Free Library.


6) Attend school board meetings and speak up at them if you are able.


7) If you are active on social media, engage in fact-based, respectful dialogue to inform and educate community members.


8) Write letters to the editor, to the community newspapers or Star Tribune when needed.


9) Write a blog post for this website.


10) Widen your circle. Do you have friends of different races and from different cultures? Bring more diversity into your personal life! 

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